I pulled this from Palm's support forum to make the thread cleaner. Hope it helps.


Here's your fix:

(You will need to hexedit)


I've been told that you may need to change some permissions on files to edit them.

To do so:

Go to the location where the files are located (Usually C:\Program Files\Palm) and find the files.

Right click each file and click "properties"

Uncheck the "Read Only" box

Go to the security tab and give yourself full control (or give the group "Users" full control)

Hit apply

Repeat for second file

Then follow below.


First off, I'm assuming that the computer you are using is not also syncing with office 2007.

Next, browse to your Program files\palm folder

load up your hex editor.

Open the file called "ocpNotifier.dll"

search for "12.0"

replace it with "14.0"



Open file called "ocpConduitUI.dll" (this lets you change settings without it complaining)

search for "12.0"

replace with "14.0"